AKAW! surfskates aims to bring over the perfect waves into urban environments, break the boarders between the sea, and the earth.

Welcome back to the first days of skateboarding, when skaters took the streets against the inactivity of the waves. AKAW! engineers took over a year to perform the most advanced technology in order to deliver the most closer sensation to surfing movements… now are you ready to conquer concrete waves?. Become and #akawexplorer !

Akaw! Surfskates Explorers

What means AKAW!?

What surfers shout when they spot a huge perfect wave, or when they are shocked or surprised.


Waves are toys from God.

AKAW! helps to get those toys closer to you, AKAW! will break the natural boarders and allow you to ride real concrete waves.

become an #AKAWexplorer!